THE INVITATION: At Greta Constantine

Stylish guests at the Greta Constantine show. All photography by Natalie Castellino.

The Invitation is Emily Blake’s party and events column. She will be drinking champagne (or, in this case, Vitamin Water) in the name of reportage.

A whisper, a buzz, a roar—much like spring, fashion tends to build up into a crescendo. In Toronto, the party got started on March 19 at the Greta Constantine show, more than a week before LG Fashion Week officially kicked off. Like migrating birds, the fashion flock arrived at the Audi dealership on Bayview Avenue, a location far off the usual sartorial path. As one of the first events in Toronto’s multi-week fashion marathon, it seemed as if the entire community made an executive decision to schluff off their winter wraps, trot out the hot new heels, and gather to celebrate designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, who have given the local style scene a much needed shot in the arm.

Who was there? Writer David Livingstone, Flare editor-in-chief Lisa Tant and Fashion Television’s Glen Baxter, The Society’s Amanda Blakely and Ashleigh Dempster, MTV’s bespectacled hero Dan Levy, writer Sarah Nicole Prickett, and Shedoesthecity’s Jen McNeely. Pre-runway, guests replenished their electrolytes with Vitamin Water; post-runway, they prompty re-toxified with cocktails. After dissecting the runway presentation—an ode to boys slouching off to war and the Grecian-gowned queens they are fighting for—topics swirled from the shifting season (So hot! So beautiful!), to a recent visit by PR maven Kelly Cutrone and the Twitter war that shook our fair city (obviously she has interns checking Twitter and Google Alerts for her name—hi, Kelly!).

Then the fashion flock dispersed with air kisses into the night, satisfied with the knowledge that this stylish merry-go-round ride has just begun.

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  1. It’s rare to find this quality of writing on a style website. Funny, thoughtful and fun!

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