Interview by Marq Frerichs. Photograph courtesy of George Pimentel.

The hardest part of interviewing a stylish man is getting a hold of him. This was the case with Marcello Cabezas, a man about town with whom you really want to talk to about fashion. We touched base at the Greta Constantine show, came close last Tuesday, and missed again at the Penicullus Bellum show. Finally, we sat down at the private dining room at the Spoke Club.

I believe Marcello thought we would be discussing the state of fashion in Toronto and what improvements could be made to further promote the industry. He has some very good ideas—promoters, PR types and designers take note and ask him about his concept called “Buy my Shit.” It’s worth it, for all involved in the industry.

But I digress. My interest was in what his sartorial plan for Fashion Week was. Here’s some of our conversation.

Which shows do you plan on seeing at Fashion Week?

“I’ll be seeing Andy Thé-Anh, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, both of David Dixon’s and of course Bustle.”

Will you be dressing formally or casually?

“I dress pro-actively—it depends on how I’m feeling. I like to push the envelope in terms of colour and style. I even wear women’s pants or shirts, tailored to me of course.”

What’s your favourite piece in your closet?

“I have five or six vintage tuxedo shirts in white, pink, fuchsia, yellow. I’ll put those with black or white pants and a jacket. It’s classic pimpin’.”

Shoes or running shoes?

“As a vintage shopper, I think of footwear as a mosaic, not a melting pot. White shoes, blue shoes and a great collection of Pumas. I have six different pairs from runners to lifestyle—they cover all of  my styles.”

What kind of socks do you wear?

“Well, I have two feet: Sophie, the French chambermaid and Jim-Bob, a Texan rodeo champ. They have different personalities, so I like to reach into my sock pile and pull out one for each. They both like colour.”

Who are your favourite designers, local  or international?

“Our own Bustle for the style, the cut and the fit. I have an aspirational ballet body and their clothes work, hands down.”

Any personal grooming tips?

“A man should be trimmed above and below the waist. My hair is as-is, unwashed and unkempt.” [Wry smile.] “I use a #3 or #4 guard normally, but I may trim up something special for the week.”

Best quote?

“What do you call the male Brazillian?  The deep Speedo.”

Are you taking anyone to the shows?

“No, I’m not—I prefer to go alone so I can focus on the work and its creators. Going to see fashion or to a gallery is a personal experience, not a moment to show off who I might know at that event. I can celebrate the work, not the trappings that surround it.”

Do you have a good luck charm?

“I have a tattoo on my right ankle with the letters T.O.T.W. It means: Take over the world. Subtle no?”

One thought on “FASHION WEEK STYLE PLAN: Marcello Cabezas

  1. The guy in the photo looks like a waiter on a cruise ship, the kind that offers cheesy holiday getaways to retired cougars on budgets.

    The form of this article, and just about every in The Style Notebook: question, answer, question, answer,… is so dull. You don’t need to be a writer to do this, just a transcriber. If you’re a writer tell me a story.

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