Laura Minquini in Paris

Laura Minquini is a stylist, writer, and trend forecaster based in Paris. She is originally from Toronto, and recently started The Canadian School, a blog about Canadians in the fashion world.

She will be writing regularly for The Style Notebook. Bienvenue, Laura!

Paris…The Possibility of an Island

My life, my life, my very old one

My first badly healed desire,

My first crippled love,

You had to return.

It was necessary to know

What is best in our lives,

When two bodies play at happiness,

Unite, reborn without end.

Entered into complete dependency,

I know the trembling of being,

The hesitation to disappear,

Sunlight upon the forest

And love, when all is easy,

Where all is given in the instant;

There exists in the midst of time

The possibility of an island.”

—Michel Houllebecq, The Possibility of an Island.

Oh, Paris what have you done to me…

Bissou from the city of light.


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