All photography by Natalie Castellino.

Official LG Fashion Week kicked off on Sunday night with IZMA, a new line from designer Izzy Camilleri and Adrian Mainella, who is best-known as a stylist and TV host. The show drew a strong line in the fashion sand. As on the international Fall 2010 runways, IZMA declared that fur is back with a vengeance.
Controversial? Definitely. (We’ll be talking more about the significance of fur’s relentless comeback soon—stay tuned. For now, back to the show.)

Using an elegantly neutral palette throughout, the designers deftly created even the most unlikely of pieces out of fur (a tube top, for instance). While some of the menswear elements appeared slightly unrealistic for even the most dedicated follower of fashion (we’re looking at you, shoulder shrug), the womenswear had an air of chic insouciance. These are garments for a new breed of ladies who lunch—a fur poncho tossed over shoulders for day, and a beautiful full fur skirt for evening. For perhaps a slightly more daring lady there were leather leggings and bodysuits paired with a fluttering fur cowl neck. Another highlight? The breathtaking black evening gown with Seussian puffs of fur that closed the show.

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