FASHION WEEK: Behind the Scenes

All photographs courtesy of George Pimentel.

When a design duo who have worked together for 10 years—capturing the attention of celebrities from Britney Spears to Rachel McAdams—ask you to execute their first ever fashion show in their hometown, how do you pull it off? That was the challenge facing PR maven Ashley McIntyre who this season was tapped to work with Toronto-born LINE Knitwear designers John Muscat and Jennifer Wells.

Well, Ashley pulled it off. LINE’s Fall 2010 off-site show at 99 Sudbury drew the local fashion A-listers (designers, editors, stylists) who admired the looks on the runway (which Ashley oversaw the design and construction of from scratch). Afterwards, I heard people refer to it as “one of the best shows” they’d ever attended in Toronto.

Recovering from her grueling achievement, Ashley told The Style Notebook how it all came together.

What are your main responsibilities during Fashion Week?

“My main responsibilities are event production—everything from seating plans (I hate seating plans) to media outreach. My job is to organize all the moving parts: sound, lighting, set-design etc.”

When did you start planning the show?

“John, Jen and I met for the first time about two months before the show—it was a tight timeline.”

What’s the best part of your job during Fashion Week?

“The clothes! You get to see the separate pieces turn into total looks with the styling, music, set design.”

The most challenging part?

“Trying to keep everyone happy. It never fails—each year an editor-in-chief, an important buyer and/or a celebrity will show up unannounced and there are never enough front row seats.  I’ve learned to always keep a few seats empty—the key is to keep it a secret!”

Do you have a motto that keeps you going during FW?

“Fashion shows are always going to be organized chaos. It’s all about being prepared: ‘Whatever happens, happens.’ You always need a plan B, and if that doesn’t work, a plan C.”

Do you have a vice or habit that keeps you going?

“Americano Misto—way too many cups, and at the end of the night a glass (or two) of wine.”

Below, our five favourite looks from LINE Knitwear Fall 2010.

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