FASHION WEEK: 9 things Marq liked on Thursday

All photography by Natalie Castellino.

1. It seemed that every time I looked up at the runway, Tegan was there. She walked in seven shows at LG Fashion Week plus Paul Hardy last Wednesday. Her favourites? Pink Tartan for the elegance and Comrags for the industrial boots and ease of wear.

3. The subtle styling of this calf ribbon at Comrags evokes the flashing worn by a man with his kilt—a gentle touch against the purposefully washed out plaids.

4. I loved the big, warm elegance of this coat. I’m also grateful for the return of burnt orange.

5. There’s something about this Comrags look that reminds me of the boyfriend sweater and playing in the fallen leaves with him or her…

7. What can I say besides shiny, pretty things? So, yes. Shiny, pretty things at David Dixon.

8. Dixon’s signature collection had such grace and elegance. One might say the devil is in the details.

9. I’ve never been one for sneakers but the combination of teal and purple at Bustle might make me change my mind.

10. At Bustle, yet another great re-working of the classic pea coat.

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