FASHION WEEK: Titian nation

One of our favourite male models from the shows, seen here at Joe Fresh. All photography by Natalie Castellino.

It began before LG Fashion Week officially opened its doors. On the LINE Knitwear runway I noticed two models with red hair. “Gingers!” I thought to myself, “Now that’s different.” Now that the last show has been seen, the red tide on the runways can officially be classified as one of the most notable trends of the week.

Red hair tends to get a reaction. It has both negative connotations (see: Anne of Green Gables or…Britain) and sexy ones (Cheryl of Archie comic fame), and this week it was nothing if not versatile.

It showed up as quirky bookishness at Joe Fresh and sleek and sultry polish at Andy Thé-Anh. At Attitude by Sears, titian locks were twisted into ’40s updos, with the exception of one model whose short Tintin crop gave me immediate hair envy.

Does this mean we should all be running to the salon for a bold leap into red? Not exactly. All the models sporting the look had the correct skin tone—a lovely paleness—that made the shade suit them whether it was natural or the result of colourist magic. However, red works gorgeously with fall’s biggest colour message: tones of taupe and tan.

Below, seeing red at Joe Fresh Fall 2010.

2 thoughts on “FASHION WEEK: Titian nation

  1. Friggin well about time red hair got better hype. We know it’s all about ENVY anyway.

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