TOP SPOTS: Andrew Sardone

Photograph courtesy of Jenna Marie Wakani.

Andrew Sardone is the fashion and design writer for NOW Magazine and one of the snappiest dressers in the city. With designer Philip Sparks, he’s also half of the fashion scene’s most likable, talented couple.

After a busy week covering the Fall 2010 shows, Andrew shared his favourite places in Toronto with us.

Pho, dim sum or both?

“Can I say Indian instead? Trimurti takeout.”

Brunch spot

“The breakfast for two at Oddfellows. My boyfriend and I inevitably order the same thing at restaurants so the clay bowl full of baked eggs, sausages and other brunch staples lets us do that without looking too cute.”

Favourite place to go for a drink during the week (and drink of choice)

“I mostly save my weekday drinking for work events. Champers or Prosecco please. Otherwise, I’ll have the fig caipirinha at the Hoof Café.”

To go for a drink on the weekend

“Mojitos on the patio at Julie’s. Or a highland cooler (whiskey, ginger ale, bitters and lemon) in the backyard.”

Gym or place to work out

“I run on Dundas West. It’s the stretch where I’m least likely to see someone I know while I’m wearing sweatpants.”

Place to buy books or magazines

“I buy most of my magazines at the airport but also, occasionally, at Type.”

Place to buy shoes

“I get more compliments on my Cole Haan shoes than on any other footwear buy. I’m addicted to their new handcrafted collection of oxfords, chukkas and boat shoes called Cole Rood & Haan. Todd Selby shot the campaign so I guess Cole Haan is cool now.”

Place to buy birthday presents

“A box of colour-coordinated macaroons from Nadège Patisserie.”

Favourite overall retail experience

SMASH in the Junction. And yes, I had been there before Paul Hardy’s fashion show.”

Favourite tailor

Philip Sparks makes a nice suit.”

Top vintage shop

69 Vintage. If I give Kealan [Sullivan, the owner] a bit of time, she can find me anything.”

Place to check out art

“The Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation. I appreciate that there’s rarely an artist statement, curator’s thesis or any other preamble to tell you what you’re supposed to think as you walk through a show.”

Neighbourhood to go for a walk in

“Our usual route is Queen to Roncesvalles, north to Dundas West and into the Junction.”

Place to meet a friend for coffee

“If I met friends for coffee it would be at the Communal Mule.”

Place in the city where you feel most at home

“Trinity Bellwoods Park. It’s the only place in the city where I don’t mind having my personal space invaded by lawn bowling hipsters, tightrope walkers, new moms doing boot camp workouts and off-leash pugs.”

One thought on “TOP SPOTS: Andrew Sardone

  1. I have to second Andrew’s plug for 69 Vintage: I needed a scarf to match a favorite cap and she actually emailed me a few weeks later, if only to say no luck. Still, amazing service.

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