STYLE MAP: Andy Thé-Anh

Illustrator Ayalah Hutchins was inspired by a geometric patterned dress from Andy Thé-Anh’s Spring 2010 collection.

ANDY THÉ-ANH (27 Bellair St., 416-921-2639).

Andy Thé-Anh knows how to take a theme and run with it. At his new Yorkville location (just around the corner from his old one), the yellow line is a prominent motif, running vertically down the walls and showing up on the store bags and press materials. (To further enforce the brand, the girls checking names at the shop opening wielded yellow highlighters.)

Andy told The Style Notebook all about the new space.

How do you want this location to be different from your previous Yorkville spot?

“I want to create an intimate space, less splashy, more polished, more minimalist and modern. I want to put the focus on the clothes and not the store decoration.”

What is the significance of the yellow line in the new design?

“It’s my trademark, my lucky charm and my favourite colour. For me, yellow represents modernism, urbanism and most of all hope and happiness. I always have something yellow on me—well most of the time…”

What is the most important element in the new spot?

“Behind every display there’s a closet to maximize the space.  That way can answer customers’ needs immediately. It’s known as the ‘California closet’—we’re re-baptizing it as ‘Andy’s closet.’”

You hand-pick the jewellery and handbag brands that are for sale in your store. How do you choose which lines to carry?

“The jewellery from Italy is custom-made for us; in Toronto, it’s from MMCrystal. For the handbags, I try to feature brands that don’t  have any distribution in Canada and look like something that I would design myself.”

What has the response been so far?

“So far so good! We just received the second shipment, which we’re distributing to the stores this weekend.”

Check out the Spring 2010 collection on the Andy Thé-Anh site.

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