Photograph courtesy of Andy Thé-Anh.

Andy Thé-Anh designs for shiny-haired happy people. His devotees expect careful finishing, polish and a pretty silhouette. Based in Montreal, Andy was recently in Toronto to celebrate the opening of two new stores (one in Yorkville, one in Bayview Village), and a successful Fall 2010 collection shown at LG Fashion Week.  He took some time to reflect with our Portrait in Style questionnaire.

Did you have a favourite model in your show?

“I love all the red-haired girls—especially when they know how to walk on the runway.”

What’s your favourite part of Fashion Week? Least favourite?

“I liked the venue this season, but I still favour the Nathan Philips Square—it’s more ‘grand’ in front of City Hall. The Allstream Centre is big and accommodating, but it has no soul.”

Do you read your horoscope the day of the show?


Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

“I have a few…actually the whole collection. I can’t just pick one. One piece links to the other, so it’s hard to choose one.”

Who would you love to see wearing your collection?

“Everybody. I love to see people wear my clothes in their own way.”

How do you dress for your own show?

“I usually plan [my outfit] in advance so I don’t have to think about it the day of the show. The way you dress is the reflection of who you are. I always plan what I  will wear for each occasion, not just for the show.”

What’s your favourite track from your runway show playlist?

“I think the soundtrack of my Fall 2010 show was my best so far. I work closely with Christian Pronovost, my DJ, to get what I need to suit the mood, the theme and the clothes.”

Do you get nervous?

“Yes, I get nervous every time. It all depends on how confident I am in my collection. I don’t have miracle or secret ritual, I just go with it, take a deep breath, work out in the morning, and I never eat a big meal before the show.”

What’s your favourite Fall 2010 show from the international collections?

“I always love Lanvin and Balenciaga, no matter what they do. But this season Celine by Phoebe Philo was my favourite.”

For his spring 2010 show, Mark Fast sent plus-size models down the runway. When you cast your models, how much of an issue is size?

“I try to have the models match my sample size as much as possible. But I usually choose them for their walk, their unique look and the degree of sophistication they can project on the runway.”

The Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim)—yes or no?

“No—we can do better.”

Below, one of our favourite looks from Andy Thé-Anh’s Fall 2010 show. Photography by Natalie Castellino.

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