THE BOULEVARDIER: Meeting the Face Hunter

Yvan Rodic, the photographer known as the Face Hunter, was in town for an event hosted by The Society and Balenciaga at The Room at the Bay last night. Yvan answered questions from the crowd about, among other things, his new book of street style snaps. Photography by Natalie Castellino.

Marq Frerichs met Yvan earlier in the day.

I spent what seemed to be a very long 20 minutes with Yvan Rodic, the Face Hunter yesterday. He’s tall, with “I don’t care” hair and a great French accent—swoonable I’m sure. To be honest, I came to the interview with a few preconceived notions and unfortunately, I left with them intact. My overall sense of the experience was that I wasn’t part of the club but that he was happy to make a living off my wanting to belong or at least be a voyeur.

Why would a self-confessed digital child bother publishing a coffee book? “It seemed like a progression, I was approached by a couple of publishing companies,” Yvan told me. His eyes and body language seemed to really be saying: meh, whatevs.

He was most animated when speaking about why he shoots only twentysomethings. “Teenagers haven’t found their individuality yet, and thirties and over don’t need to wear style, they have lifestyles. Those in their twenties only have what they wear to express themselves. They’re still in school, they have small apartments and whatever jobs. Clothing is what sets them apart. It’s all they have.”

When he finds someone he wants to shoot, he tries to place them in an environment where their individuality will shine through. As he explains, “The 7-Eleven isn’t a good backdrop.” And when asked why he chooses who he shoots, he says “I like to be in the same place as my subjects.” He reads, which feels like Vice magazine without the grit but loads of ironyness-ism.

As for what he thought of Toronto? “It’s OK. A quiet version of NYC.” However he prefers Europe. “I like the brutality and chaos.”

On Monday: Emily Blake writes about the event, and her impressions of the Face Hunter. We’ll also post our picks for the best-dressed of the night.

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