SOME LOOKS WE LIKED: Around Kensington Market

Natalie Castellino snapped photos of stylish folks this weekend in and around Kensington Market. There seemed to be a Bob Dylan vibe going on, so we’ve included lyrics from the original troubadour for each pic.

From “Tangled Up in Blue”

And I was standin’ on the side of the road

Rain fallin’ on my shoes

Heading out for the East Coast

Lord knows I’ve paid some dues gettin’ through

Tangled up in blue


From “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You”

Sometimes I’m in the mood, I wanna climb up to the sky

Sometimes I’m in the mood, I’m gonna laugh until I cry

But then again, I said again, I said again, I said

Oh babe, I’m in the mood for you

From “Let’s Stick Together”

Stick together

Come on, come on, stick together

From “I Had a Dream About You, Baby”

You kiss me, baby, in the coffee shop

You make me nervous, you gotta stop

I had a dream about you, baby

From “Up on Cripple Creek”*

When I get off this mountain

You know where I want to go

Straight down the Mississippi

To the Gulf of Mexico

*A Band song, yes, but they were Dylan’s back-up band…

From “Born in Time”

In the blinking stardust of pale blue light

You’re coming through to me in black and white

When we were made of dreams

10 thoughts on “SOME LOOKS WE LIKED: Around Kensington Market

  1. Love the 1st girls jacket.

    I would be disappointed though to be one of the photographed. It seems like the photographer only knows how to make people look short and stubby which I’m sure these people are not.

  2. BlogTO already does a half-assed job of analyzing Toronto’s style.

    I hope this gets better with practice.

  3. In this case, I can see that style = hipsterishness, or “tolerable impracticality”

  4. Just curious why my comment on this is awaiting moderation? I didnt realize blogs like this were screened.

  5. There seems to be less of a Bob Dylan thing going on and more of poorly dressed thing happening.

  6. Some comments from new users are held if they set off our spam filter for some reason. Now that you’re had an approved comment, future comments will be posted automatically.

  7. I really like this section of the website. Quite individual styles–they all seem to have signature pieces. I especially liked the man with the elephant on his bike.

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