Photography by Natalie Castellino.

On Wednesday night, the H&M at the Eaton Centre held a big, shiny party to celebrate its revamped space. Media mixed with preferred shoppers, and everyone enjoyed both a 25 percent discount and some serious people-watching. We’ve narrowed down our picks for the night’s top 10 looks, and our favourite elements within each ensemble.

Favourite elements (left): The proportions of the silhouette—the long jacket, high waist, and just a touch of floral shirt showing; (right) The amazing turquoise jacket.

Favourite element: The scarf is great, but overall it’s the sophisticated use of colour that makes Julia’s look really stand out (her nail colour is amazing too).

Favourite element: Yep, the cobalt blue dress.

Favourite elements: Across the board (almost)—the smiles. And the two different versions of the loose grey suit jacket.

Favourite element: The shoes!

Favourite element: The fact that there is a lot going on this look (cuffs, necklace, hat, short jacket), but that it looks perfectly balanced. And her hair appears to match her nail colour. (Yes!)

Favourite element: The cropped leather jacket.

Favourite element: The pattern on the dress, and how nicely it sets off her hair.

Favourite elements: (left) The classic white shirt; (right) The moccasins.

Favourite element: The texture of the pretty scarf.

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