THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Story by Anne Pringle.

Lash boost

Lash-boosting formulas are all the rage—who wouldn’t be intrigued by the idea of thick, full lashes that you grow yourself? But you may want to do some more research before jumping on the bandwagon. Rare side effects can include permanent eye colour change and eye-area discoloration. (New York Times)

Model tone

Forty-one year old supermodel Helena Christensen recently posed nude for Reebok’s new EasyTone trainers (and couldn’t have looked more toned). The miracle sneakers claim to tone key leg muscles while you walk—Christensen claims she is a fan of the shoes out of laziness. I am usually doubtful of that which seems too easy, but the ex-NASA designer involvement definitely boosts their legitimacy. Plus, they go for only about $100. (Vogue UK)

The end of couture?

Oscar de la Renta recently told The Wall Street Journal that “couture has become completely irrelevant,” and that he sees no point in creating couture pieces at all. De la Renta designed the couture collection for Balmain for nine years, so what’s changed? According to the report in the Journal, it’s a combination of consumers dressing more casually and becoming smarter. However, I don’t recall the general consumer ever buying couture in hoards in the past—were we really that much fancier and wealthier a decade ago? Hopefully the rich and famous who bought couture then will still do so now, so the rest of us can still enjoy the sartorial mastery from afar. (New York)

Ontario sparkle

Ontario’s diamond industry stepped into the spotlight this weekend at the Birks unveiling of De Beers Canada’s 131 diamonds from its Victor Mine. Victor diamonds are the only ones mined in our province, but they are noteworthy because of their quality. Worldwide, diamonds usually sell for about $100 per carat, but the Victor stones are worth between $400 and $500 a carat due to their whiteness and clarity. The industry is not without controversy, however, as the mine is located near Attawapiskat, a Cree community, and presents environmental concerns. (Globe and Mail)

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