LETTER FROM…Hoi An, Vietnam

Beside the river in Hoi An. Story and photography by Jordan Porter, a Toronto fashion writer who is on a year-long trip around the world.

Once you’ve been to Hoi An it will pain you to shop retail ever again. A UNESCO heritage town on the Vietnam coast, Hoi An is the cloth capital of Vietnam and best known for its rows upon rows of custom clothiers. On a recent three-day stay with my boyfriend we popped into To To Boutique armed with Net-a-Porter images and $100 each to our names. We left with two fully-lined and initialed twill cotton blazers (for him), a slim black linen pant suit and dress shirt (pour moi), and money to spare in the pockets of our new bespoke britches.

The shops work around the clock and can deliver whatever you want, with as many fittings as you need, in roughly 24 hours, whether it be a three-piece tuxedo (a fellow Canadian was getting fitted for his wedding while we were there), or a cashmere floor-length winter coat. While the city boasts beautiful beaches, a charming lantern-lit riverside, too many tasty treasures to count, and an ancient centre filled with crumbling 15th-century French architecture, there’s nothing quite as alluring as the call of cut-to-your-curves tailor made clothing at bargain basement prices.

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