THE BUY: Fit to be dyed

Twiggy gets psychedelic, as illustrated by Cleo Kendall. Story by Caitlin Agnew.

Tie-dye has left summer camp arts and crafts for a foray in fashion, leaving us tickled pink (and blue, and yellow).  This hippie dippy classic evokes visions of an idealized youth, full of sunny days spent running through fields chasing after butterflies.  Although we continue to see such soft, lackadaisical and carefree tie-dye pieces, there’s a new, harder take on the look, most notably in the Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 collection, available in Toronto at The Room at the Bay.

The girlie girl in us loves the pretty, washed-out tie-dye, but our inner sophisticated woman yearns for something more grown-up.  Lucky for us there are many tie-dye pieces that go both ways, and in between, depending on how you wear and accessorize them.

From dresses custom-made by local designers to California Girl bikinis, here are our favourites.

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