TALK TO ME: Robin Givhan, part II

Story by Paul Aguirre-Livingston. Illustration by Ayalah Hutchins.

This is the second part of our conversation with Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan. You can read the first part here.

After the Critical Mass discussion, a Toronto fashion blogger wrote: “I think no matter what, fashion is inherently elitist and status driven.  If it can’t exclude with cash, other tactics will fill the vacuum.” Do you agree?

“Fashion certainly traffics in elitism. And yes, money is not always the dividing line. It can be geography, waist size, hair color, age, whatever. But couldn’t you say the same thing about sports or music or the art world? Each of them excludes based on money, knowledge, geography, etc.”

Lady Gaga. Is she: a fashion revolution, a fad or a fake?

“At the moment, I would just say she’s interesting.”

In a post on your blog of your Toronto trip, you wrote, “But journalism just isn’t as much fun as it once was.” How would you describe the state of fashion journalism globally?

“Journalism isn’t as much fun because increasingly the emphasis on eloquent, smart, accurate story telling is giving way to posting pieces fast to see how many clicks it gets. That ultimately serves no one.”

If you’re ever in Washington…
“Visit the monuments at night. Have a drink at the top of the old Hotel Washington (now the W) because the view is spectacular and visit a real D.C. neighborhood. Georgetown doesn’t count.”

If you weren’t a writer, you would be…

“Very unhappy.”

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

“Maybe that I love getting hot, sweaty and exhausted on a good uphill hike.”

What’s next for you?

“I hope a few wonderful surprises.”

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