THE INVITATION: At the Thompson

Thursday night’s holy grail. Story by Emily Blake. All photography courtesy of George Pimentel.

There is one thing that will drive any Torontonian into a lustful tizzy, and that thing is a rooftop patio. We believe drinks taste better in the sky (probably true as there is no street dirt flying around up there like at your average roadside patio). This city-specific obsession explains in part why it seemed every glittering party-goer the city over (and some from elsewhere) bee-lined to the opening of the Thompson Hotel on Wellington last night.

Said rooftop patio reached capacity shockingly early in the evening and stayed that way all night, leaving an inconsolable line-up at the elevators downstairs, downcast at the thought of missing a chance to see wunderkind Tavi Gevinson’s outfit in person. While the inimitable Jeanne Beker and charming makeup artist Paul Venoit twittered pics of the scene in the sky, those trapped below comforted themselves with watching the NBA finals in the hotel’s screening room. (Well-played indeed, Thompson team.)

There were also rumours of a lingerie model pillow fight but somehow we couldn’t peel ourselves away from the scoreboard.

After the Celtics’s crushing loss, my posse went to the sleek lobby bar for a pick-me-up. The crowd swirled with familiar faces—Shenae Grimes in town from the famous L.A. zip code was trailed by the girls from the web show JacLife, Steven minus Chris grooved with Tracy Melchoir, and Bustle designers Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow admired their handiwork (they designed the hotel staff’s duds). While the DJ wouldn’t take requests, there was a method to his madness. A dance scrum formed—one local stylist was spotted mid fist-pump despite being the last person this columnist would have suspected of having a passion for the Jersey shore. Between Bon Jovi and Rihanna, we slipped into the night with one decision made. Rooftop patio or bust!

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