THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Point, click, hello: Akris Spring 2010. Story by Anne Pringle.

Techno trunk show
Trunk shows are intimate events—they give clients a chance to meet the designer in person, who is usually there hand-selling his or her latest collection in person. This week Bergdorf Goodman held its first “virtual” trunk show, which connected clients with Akris designer Albert Kriemler via Skype from his atelier in Switzerland. After the success of the show, Bergdorf announced that they will host them regularly, calling the virtual connection “the future.” Less personal, perhaps, but certainly more convenient. (Wall Street Journal)

Swiss shades
Speaking of Switzerland, OPI has revealed its holiday 2010 collection: It’s called “Swiss” and is inspired by the country famous for its mountains, chocolate and watches. The collection includes a dark green named Cuckoo for This Color, a sparkly gold dubbed Glitzerland, and a vibrant pink called Diva of Geneva. Find it in stores this October, in plenty of time for all your holiday party mani/pedis. (WWD)

Inspired design
This week Edun launched their first pre-fall collection, which included a capsule range of T-shirts designed by Kenya school children. The brand’s co-founder, Ali Hewson (also known as Bono’s wife), said that the proceeds of the Ts will help provide funding for basic school supplies, hot lunches and health care for a school located in one of the largest slums of Africa. The label was set up in 2005 with the aim of alleviating poverty and encouraging the fashion industry to take on more philanthropic projects. (Vogue UK)

Sun safety
Sunscreens have been regulated for decades, but—somewhat shockingly—it’s still not a requirement that they block all harmful rays. Most U.S. sunscreen brands block UVB rays, which prevent sunburns. However, many leave out UVA protection, the rays that can cause cancer and wrinkles (!). You’ll want at least SPF 30 or stronger to be properly protected. (NY Mag)

PLUS: One of the most stylish films ever made, Breathless celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The Guardian has an exclusive video interview with one of the production staff who helped bring it to life.

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