THE BOULEVARDIER: G20 style, in photos, part 2

If fashion makes a statement about who you are and what you believe, then what to wear to a protest? How does what you wear matter, and how does it set you apart? Do clothes tell people what side you’re on? (And should you coordinate your sign with your shoes?) Over the next few days, Marq Frerichs, The Boulevardier columnist, will be considering the politics of style at the G20.

Above, the tutu makes a surprising comeback—this time as revolution wear.

On a model, this outfit could be seen on a runway.

The summit’s best chapeau yet. Bonus: It can also be used as a pot to grow herb(s).

Meet the press—or a reasonable facsimile. (The tin foil microphone is a giveaway.)

It would seem that the latest in wrist jewellery is the plastic cuff—yours with a time-out.

Check out part 1 here, and follow Marq on Twitter!

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