THE BOULEVARDIER: G20 style in photos, part 3

Over the next few days, Marq Frerichs, The Boulevardier columnist, will be considering the politics of style at the G20.

Above—Marc Jacobs?

Fortunately the band was dressed really well.

Floral print + cardigan + flag = photo-op.

A journalist prepared with a pink accented gas mask.

Amid the chaos…

Clowns held the line at Bay and College.

A floral print, sun hat and ribbons. Perfect.

And yes, there is a capitalist holding on to this pig.

One thought on “THE BOULEVARDIER: G20 style in photos, part 3

  1. Thank God, the G20 will be defeated by laughter and that goes for their evil plots, too.
    Who needs politics when you can laugh?

    Eilert in Greece.

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