THE SURVEY: What’s your favourite summer song, ever?

The Style Notebook asked stylish people around the city which song immediately reminds them of summer. Check back for new answers all week.

“‘The Boys of Summer‘ by Don Henley. Maybe it’s because Justin Bieber will not go away, but I’m more into ’80s music lately than anything on the radio. (My not-so-secret obsession:’s ’80s station.) This song makes you a little nostalgic—it reminds me of summer romances gone by! But on a fashion note, I’m liking the Ray-Ban Wayfarers namecheck, especially since I just acquired a pair this year. And the ‘hair slicked back’—very on trend this season!”

—Michelle Villett, founder,

Yesterday: Samantha Margolis, of The Mint Agency, on her top song

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