THE SURVEY: What’s your favourite summer song, ever?

The Style Notebook asked stylish people around the city which song immediately reminds them of summer. Check back for new answers all week.

“It has to be ‘#41′ by Dave Matthews Band! It blasts me straight back to the months I spent waitressing at a Muskoka resort. Ever since I watched Johnny Castle teach Baby how to dance on a tree stump, I knew I had to find my own Kellerman’s and work there for a summer during university. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was so much fun—we served visiting celebs and hockey stars, went waterskiing on our days off and sunbathed on the boat house roof.

This was before iPods so we had a communal CD player in our staff quarters. It had already been out for a year, but the Crash album seemed to be on a permanent loop; we listened to it on breaks, when we were pre-drinking (pre-drinking!) and preening before Edenvale’s Resort Night (we had to look good in case Eric Lindros made a cameo!) and it was the first thing we turned on at the end of a dinner shift, when my roommate and I would lie on our beds with our legs propped up on pillows, to rest our feet and plot our futures.”

—Sarah Daniel Dolphin, beauty editor, ELLE Canada

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