THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Wrap dresses at Radio City? The Rockettes meet DVF. Story by Anne Pringle.

Rock out
Diane von Furstenberg has been branching out lately: From launching her home line to designing rooms at London’s Claridge hotel, the designer has had a busy season. Now DVF will add another (and perhaps less conventional) project to the list: Designing outfits for New York’s Radio City Rockettes. (Fashionista)

Fashion crime
Some countries take such a strong stance on certain styles that they actually become government enforced—like the ancient Parisian law that women were prohibited to wear pants, or the new one in Iran banning mullets. Anyone in Iran sporting a mullet may now actually be arrested. Gives new meaning to “fashion crime”, doesn’t it? (NY Mag)

White is the new green
Why is high-end L.A. retailer Fred Segal partnering with Akomplice to sell and promote a Paint Project? To help raise awareness about energy consumption and being environmentally friendly! Apparently, if everyone painted their roofs white, the sun’s rays would reflect off them instead of being absorbed, thus significantly cutting cooling costs (not to mention the energy spent on the cooling). The energy saved would be comparable to taking every car in the world off the road for 11 years. Go white to go green. (Fashionista)

Honourary rose
This year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower show in England has some special significance in the fashion world. “Alexander’s Issie” was revealed: a coral-coloured floribunda rose specially selected by Alexander McQueen in honour of his late mentor and fashion icon Isabella Blow. (Style File)

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