THE IT: The Derby Lemon Splash

A few weeks ago, The Style Notebook shared  a recipe for Pimms No. 1 Cup (delicious!) This afternoon, inspired by the mint seemingly intent on taking over my garden, I’m leaning towards the equally delicious (and heavy-on-the-mint) Derby Lemon Splash. I first had this cocktail in the lovely Library Bar at the Fairmont Royal York. (Quite accurately, they call it a Smash, instead of a Splash, but our way sounds more summery.)

You will need:

1 bottle Jack Daniel’s whiskey

1 two-litre bottle of club soda

Three to four lemons

About a cup of white sugar

Lots of fresh mint


I prefer to make these drink by drink, rather than in a pitcher. Add three ice cubes to a large, tall glass.

Pour a generous shot or two of Jack Daniel’s.

Fill the glass up 2/3 with club soda.

Squeeze the juice a full lemon into the glass.

Add a generous tablespoon of sugar, and stir.

Add three sprigs of mint, then stir again.


You can enjoy this anywhere, but you’ll probably enjoy it most if you’re wearing something like this:


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