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After honing her craft at a constellation of A-list Canadian fashion brands—Roots, Danier, Joe Fresh Style—Jules Power is now a rising star in her own right. The Toronto designer launched an eponymous collection earlier this year, and the city’s stylish citizenry took notice. (Those ultra chic grey sweatpants you see everywhere? Yep, they’re her’s.) Jules’s Fall 2010 collection includes staples of the current Ossington look—floral dresses, plaid and denim shirts—but created with such care that they’re drained of any ironic hipster striving: They’re simply very, very nice clothes that happen to be favoured by cool downtown girls.

Jules shared a few of her favourite spots in Toronto with The Style Notebook.

Top date spot

“If we ever get a night out again, my husband and I will go to Le Select bistro on Wellington for the city’s best French food and stunning interior.”

Take-out go-to

“Indian food! Gandhi (554 Queen St. W., 416-504-8155).”

Place to meet a friend for coffee

Cherry Bomb on Roncesvalles or Pusateri’s in Yorkville.”

Favourite place to go for a drink during the week (and what’s your drink of choice?)

“Lucky for me, Parts and Labour just opened down the street from my studio so I’m hoping to make it ‘my local’!  I’ll order a martini or a glass of rosé.”

Go for a drink on the weekend

Terroni on Queen West is still my hands-down favourite for dinner and drinks on the weekend.”

Top brunch spot

“Brunch at Bar One is always, always good.”

Gym or place to work out

“The sidewalk from my house to my studio is my gym.  I’m always running back and forth carrying heavy stuff!”

Pho, dim sum, sushi? (And top spots for each)

“I love pho and sushi. For pho, I go to Pho Phuong (1603 Dundas St. W.)—they just opened another on Queen West.  For sushi, I love the new spot, Sushi on Roncy.”

Place to buy books or magazines

Type on Queen West or Maison de la Presse (99 Yorkville Ave., 416-928-2328) in Yorkville.”

Place to buy shoes

Chasse Gardée and Holt Renfrew.”

Place to buy birthday presents

Kol Kid.”

Favourite overall retail experience

Anthopologie and Holt Renfrew (Yorkville locations) go above and beyond with their product selection and visual merchandising. I always come away feeling inspired and wanting everything!”

Favourite vintage shop

“Frou Frou Vintage (1616 Queen St. W., 416-556-6378) and Stella Luna (1627 Queen St. W., 416-536-7300), both at Queen and Roncesvalles.”

Place to check out art

“At this amazing website:”

Neighbourhood to go for a walk in

“The Marais in Paris, Portobello in London, West Village in New York, and my very favourite: High Park here at home!”

Place in the city where you feel most at home

“Queen Street West. When I was a teenager, I would come down from the countryside to hang out on Queen West for the day. It was a huge deal for me, I would come home full of exciting ideas.  It has changed a lot over the years but I love to watch it grow. It always feels like home for me.”

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