THE BOULEVARDIER: Flirts in skirts

Every week, our Boulevardier, Marq Frerichs, considers matters related to men’s style. This week: Why men in skirts are totally hot. (See Marc Jacobs, above.)

OK, I swear this is the last one. Really, I promise. No more of this tangent I’ve been on. As a friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook: “After the mensire, the murse, now the mirt?” Yes, it’s time to drag out that ol’ chestnut, the male skirt. Why? Have you been in the city for the last month? The heat, ya lummox!

I’m going to strongly advocate that the skirt is the best male garment for three distinct reasons.

1. IMAGE. This summer’s heat reminds me of a wonderful commercial from the late ’70s or early ’80s for York Peppermint Patties. It starts with a POV of an opening elevator door, then zoom through the first two figures to the bored face of a young “office girl.” She lifts a York peppermint patty to her lips and slowly takes a bite. Cue the sound of breeze; her hair beings to billow. She says: “When I eat a York peppermint patty, I feel the cool wind blowing through the forest and racing up my legs and …” Pull away to the whole elevator, and we see the others edging away from her as she begins to reach an ecstatic moment of consuming. Gale force winds ensue and she is rapt in the refreshing coolness of the chocolate. Needless to say, her skirt is being blown out of control.

Now I realize that I’m completely crazy to have this image in my head but that’s what I picture when I think of donning a skirt. All my over-heatedness would magically disappear. (I live in a special place.)

2. SURVEY RESULTS. Thank God for Facebook and the opinions of others. I posted the question “What about men and the skirt?” Interestingly enough, the overwhelming response—over 80 percent—was from women. And gentlemen, if you prefer the attention of women, I would run very,very quickly to get one. “HAWT” was the most used word. If attracting the opposite sex is your game, it’s a home run.

3. CONVENIENCE. A bunch of years ago, I was almost arrested in Chicago. It was late, we liked each other, there were no doors on the stall, so in my wisdom I thought, Let’s go across the street to the parking lot. I know what you’re thinking, nice guy, and public lewdness—classy. Anyway, a police cruiser pulled up behind us. No tickets were written because of the general pity as I fell backwards, due to my proverbial pants around the ankles. Had I been wearing a skirt, I may have gotten a citation and left without the bruised ego and butt.

So what I’m really getting at is that the man-skirt, or mirt, is all about sex. And that’s why high fashion can’t sell it. Men’s fashion just isn’t about showing the man as sexy. Manly, rugged, edgy, yes—but as a creature of a physically sexual nature, not so much. Showing off the male silhouette in a revealing way? Designers don’t do it, at least not in the same way they do for women. Why? Perhaps there is a designer reading this who could get back to me.

Gentlemen, head down to Queen and Spadina, and buy 3 to 4 metres of fabric. Wrap it around yourself, call it a sarong. Presto, you will be a god.

A Fall 2010 skirt from Toronto-based Creep Clothing.

Spring 2010 looks from Japan Trends.

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6 thoughts on “THE BOULEVARDIER: Flirts in skirts

  1. Sorry but unless you are:

    A) Scottish

    B) Gay

    C) a woman

    D) A Scottish Gay Woman

    Then you should NOT wear kilts/skirts…its just not a good look not matter how many style blogs may try to say otherwise.

    Have a good day.

  2. Dear fellows, you should wear skirts, especially if you are rich, attractive, a doctor or a celebrity.

    No matter what anyone tells you, it will not disqualify you from ever getting laid again. It will not take you out of the running so that your less attractive, less rich, less professional and more-fat rivals can scoop up women by the dozen with fart jokes and things they read on the internet. If you drive an austin martin, you should especially wear a skirt, it will complement and magnify the scoring power of your car. In fact, you should wear make-up too. Women love that. especially hot ones who can have any guy they want. What they really want is men in make-up and skirts. Women are biologically wired to recognize this ironic effeminate ruse as a sign it will make their sons strong and carry on the line. Shame on you boulevardier for revealing our secret! But since we are benevolent, we will allow our great secret of wearing skirts, make-up and talking about ourselves with you. When you go out in a skirt, you will know how effective it is, because women on the street will do double and triple takes while barely constraining themselves from throwing themselves at you. You will know their lust by their quivering and covering of their mouths to suppress their uncontrollable salivation.

    Yes, men should wear skirts. Especially if they are in their 20′s and need to impress all those girls in their 20′s.


  3. Men in skirts/kilts CAN look attractive. To say that it takes away men’s self – respect is a sign of a mental disorder. Also, the Declaration of Independence gives men the right to wear skirts (the pursuit of happiness)! Opponents of male equality are anti – American!

  4. Men looking better in skirts than any kind of pants. Pants just do not fit men’s body shape, and tailors did not get the right shape for our guys.
    I know it is a uncommon sight to see men in skirts, but we should not so narrow minded that we can’t think about a change of the boring men’s dressing. Historically: the skirt is a male’s garment, it was only the past 200 years worn by women after French Revolution because the skirt on men was a sign for high education, prosperity and influence (the reason that lawyer, priests and pastor still wearing it). Skirts for men hopefully coming back in different ways, for sure nothing for men without courage to try new things they might be stay with the old and boring dressing style.

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