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As her photo suggests, Kristen Gale is about as shy and retiring as a chartreuse manicure. Her job, as the founder of the hugely popular¬†Ten Spot beauty bar, gives her ample opportunity to use words like “Par-tay” and “Zazam!” (When she does it, it’s totally endearing. Trust.) But behind all the fun lies a serious businesswoman.¬†This month, Ten Spot is celebrating four years of beautifying Queen West, as well as the success of its new Leslieville location.

If you’ve been to Ten Spot, you’ll understand its appeal. Billing itself as the anti-spa experience (“screw ‘relaxation’!”), Ten Spot’s soundtrack is more Arcade Fire than loon call. It screens vintage “girl” movies, and offers both A-list beauty brands (Dermalogica, LoveFresh), and the friendliest service on the block(s).

Kristen shared a few of her favourite places in Toronto with The Style Notebook.

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink during the week?

Camp 4.”

Go for a drink on the weekend


Top brunch spot

Naco on Dundas.”

Take-out go-to

“New Ho King (416 Spadina Ave., 416-595-1881) in Chinatown.”

Favourite grocery store

Whole Foods.”

Gym or place to work out

Yoga Space.”

Pho or dim sum? (And top spot, please.)

“Pho at Golden Turtle (125 Ossington Ave., 416-531-1601).”

Place to buy books or magazines

Type on Queen.”

Place to buy shoes

“Heel Boy (682 Queen St. W., 416-362-4355).”

Place to buy birthday presents

Valhalla on Queen.”

Favourite overall retail experience

Charlie on Queen.”

Top date spot

“Delux (92 Ossington Ave., 416-537-0134).”

Favourite vintage shop

Value Village.”

Place to check out art

“Gallery hopping on Queen.”

Place to meet a friend for coffee

Dark Horse on Spadina.”

Place in the city where you feel most at home

“The Wheat Sheaf (667 King St. W., 416-504-9912).”

Neighbourhood to go for a walk in

“Queen West! Of course!”

On August 10, join Kristen and the Ten Spot gang for a birthday celebration at the Leslieville location (1402 Queen St. E., Studio D1), from 6 to 8 p.m. On offer? Free polish changes, cocktails and delicious birthday cake. RSVP here.

In the meantime, check out more Toronto Black Books!

One thought on “TOP SPOTS: Kristen Gale

  1. good god. i love 10 spot but does this girl know that there is life north of dundas st???

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