Story and photography by Grace Carroll, a Toronto fashion writer who moved to London to “conquer the fashion world” and live with her rock star BF.

It’s mid-August and I’m standing outside of one of London’s hottest fashion parties of the summer: Wolf & Badger’s Summertime Party in Notting Hill.

As I contemplate how to navigate my way through the crowd to reach the guest-list girl, I smirk at the thought of gelato being served to guests outside. Considering, of course, that the blustering winds and sudden low-temperature has me shivering profusely despite wearing a long-sleeved silk blouse and trousers in what should be the summer’s hottest month.

I slip through the door with my friend Becca in tow just as it begins to pour down outside. Everyone is packed into the boutique, and the claustrophobic environment creates a comforting coziness, sheltering us from the nasty storm that has erupted outside. We weave through the crowd until we discover the bar and each pick up a glass of Pimms (the only drink available) before tucking into a corner to catch up on our latest gossip. ‘Where is the vodka?’ I wonder. ‘I thought this was a fashion party…’

Becca and Grace (right)

Disappointed in the lack of hard liqour, Becca and I decide to skip over to the east side. But before we make our dash for the door, we stop and admire a gorgeous redhead’s perfectly plum lips—THE lip colour of the Fall 2010 season. I make a mental note to ask my friend Emily, a M.A.C makeup artist, to help me find my perfect shade of plum next week.

Luckily the rain has stopped just in time for our departure. We hop on a bus that takes us on a somewhat detoured but scenic ride to Camden, and from there we take the Northern line down to Old Street. As we emerge from the underground Becca leads us to the Commercial Tavern on Commercial Road in Shoreditch. As a first time visitor, I’m amazed I had not discovered this gem of a pub sooner. With a decor overloaded with artsy-retro-English-kitsch chaos and a fully stocked bar, I am happily at home.

In Camden…

Emily,  now charged with finding the perfect shade of plum.

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