THE IT: Meet Moon

Story by Paul Aguirre-Livingston. Photography by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

They say that the ultimate challenge for the modern woman, when dressing for day, is “how to go effortlessly from business to pleasure, work to play.” Somehow I think that Bonnie Brooks wants to save the day.

When the Bay gathered us all into an all-white room in Liberty Village, for the launch of Moon, its new private label collection, it was a big deal for more reasons than one. For starters, the Bay had recruited the Mimran Group (the company of Saul Mimran, brother to Joseph) to design what appears to be the antithesis of the upscale designer fare on offer in The Room, the Bay’s luxury boutique. They also managed to snag downtown arbiter of cool Leigh Lezark and her on-and-off-again Misshapes to spin at the party and appear in the company’s upcoming ad campaign.

During her set, Leigh was wearing what appeared to be the line’s most daring piece: a sequined jacket that looked so right on her I wanted to strip it from the mannequin out of justice.

The collection was designed in part by Jordin and Tamara Mimran, the daughters of Saul, Joe Mimran’s older brother. Much of it bears a strong ’60s influence: A-line skirts, cape-like styling, crocheted knits and peek-a-boo details, but in fabrics that are very much of the moment: cotton, jersey.

It’s wearable and shiny—and by shiny, think coins. The collection wouldn’t be a moneymaker (or a Mimran progeny), if it weren’t cost-conscious. With garments ranging from $39 to $139, with most items falling in the $69 range, it would appear that anyone can get an instant wardrobe overhaul, or at least quick pick-me-ups in this new oasis of skirts, blazers and button-ups. And who wouldn’t want to? Moon is versatile enough that it will appeal to a wide variety of working women, at all 91 Bay stores, from Newfoundland to Vancouver.

So yes, Bonnie Brooks will save the day (and The Bay)… and she’ll do it on a budget. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the Moon launch, starting with a fantastic coat that has a bit of a Mackage vibe.

A wardrobe essential: the grey cardigan.

The high-waisted black skirt (far left) has a ’50s feel, a huge trend for fall.

Knits! Does this photo make the end of summer seem not so sad?

Check out our party pics from the Moon event!

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this. I saw something else that’s related to Bonnie Brooks on YouTube that you might find interesting. It’s a parody of a well-known radio commercial by Bonnie Brooks. it wouldn’t hurt for you to check it out. ;) Here’s the link:

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