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“It’s time you were gorgeous” is the tagline for Gee Beauty, and the luxe Toronto spa couldn’t have a better ambassador than Natalie Gee. Natalie is the owner (with her mother, Miriam, and sister, Celene) of the pampering destination of choice for many of the city’s chicest women. This October, the Gee team will launch 6 (next door to Gee, at 6 Roxborough St. W.), a concept shop featuring a curated selection of the good life: handmade fragrances, organic beauty products, and cashmere accessories.  

In the meantime, Natalie shared a few of her favourite spots in Toronto with The Style Notebook.

Favourite place to go for a drink during the week

“During the week I prefer not to drink, so it’s water and lemon for me, but I love to eat at Giancarlo at College and Clinton. I feel like I can leave Toronto and be in Italy in minutes.”

Go for a drink on the weekend (and what’s your drink of choice?)

“Definitely vodka on the rocks, lots of lemon, lots of ice. Place for me is Amber. Always great music, and with this beautiful weather, the patio is perfect.”

Place to buy books or magazines

“I love the store Type (394 Spadina Rd). Aside from biographies – I’m currently reading Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy by Isadore Sharp - it’s magazines all the way. I try to read different kinds, from fashion to decor to business. Lately, it’s been a combo of GQ, Esquire, and Details. Amazing what a girl can learn.”

Top brunch spot

“Love the Drake. It’s casual and fun. They have a breakfast burrito that is delicious.”

Gym or place to work out?

“I work out with Roland Semprie at Yonge and Rosedale. We do an incredible class called THE DIFFERENCE. It’s a combination of running and weights. And I have seen a difference.”

Pho, dim sum or sushi?

“Sushi for sure, and I love to try new combinations so Blowfish on King Street is the perfect spot for a night out. For more casual sushi nights, Sato at Asuka (108 Yorkville Ave., 416-975-9084) makes a tried-and-tested salmon soy paper roll that I order every time.”

Place to buy shoes

“In Toronto, I alway go to DAVIDS, and online, it’s Net-A-Porter. Receiving a box from them feels like the holidays. The packaging is outstanding.”

Place to buy birthday presents

“Can I say GEE? I love our mix of retail, and we have so many different kinds of offerings from candles to books to scarves. Personally I love the idea of a gift card – it shows generosity but allows the receiver to pick what they would actually like. I would love to get a gift card from GEE. I know exactly what I would get!”

Favourite overall retail experience

“There is a concept store called BASE on Lincoln Road in Miami that I love. The experience gives me an overall reflection that makes me want to buy each and every piece in the store.

Here in Toronto, I think that Jonathan + Olivia on Ossington has nailed it. they have a carefully edited selection of brands - I really understand who they are trying to sell to. Clear, focused, great customer service equals an overall fabulous experience.”

Top date spot

“My best dates in Toronto have always been involving an activity. Anything music-related has my vote whether it’s a DJ or a live band - the choices are endless in the city. For movies (which I love and think are great date options) the Cumberland Theatre (159 Cumberland St. ,416-964-9359) is perfect.”

Favourite vintage shop

“I Miss You (63 Ossington Ave., 416-916-7021).”

Place to check out art

“I was just at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and saw a Miles Davis Exhibit that was just so cool. In Toronto, I really enjoy the Ontario Science Centre. The interactive exhibits makes me appreciate art, science, and I feel like I really learn while I’m there.”

Neighbourhood to go for a walk in

“This summer, I’ve done a lot of walking along Queen West, Ossington, and Dundas West and I have loved it. Lots of exploration – great restaurants, vintage shops and home stores.”

Place to meet a friend for coffee

“Caffe Doria (1094 Yonge St., at Roxborough, 416-920-5315) has the best coffee. Plus, you really get a feeling of the Italian cafe with all the regulars – it’s so great.”

Place in the city where you feel most at home

“Anywhere with my sisters, but definitely in the house I grew up in. I feel most at home there.”

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