THE BOULEVARDIER:…And we’re back

Every week, our Boulevardier, Marq Frerichs, considers matters related to men’s style. This week: Leave the ballet shoes alone. Above, a selection from the Bloch Fall 2010 collection.

I know a half dozen people in my circle who are going back to school next week. I’m going back too. May you live in exciting times, I believe the saying goes. And what in the world is more exciting than learning?

For me, deciding what to wear is both super easy and a little like a minefield. It will be easy, in part, because I’m returning to the National Ballet School of Canada. Thus the majority of my classes will require tights, simple white T-shirts, sweats, and, of course, ballet slippers. And yes ladies, I do wear “Blochs”—you may know the name from your own collection of footwear.

Perhaps this is the moment I’ve be waiting for: I CAN”T STAND BALLET SLIPPERS AS FASHION.

There I’ve said it. Maybe now I can move on…yeah, I doubt it. Imagine what it must be like for a lumberjack to have his uniform appropriated by twin brothers who live in Milan, who once lived here in town, who really took to heart a certain song sung by a “Monty” British comedy troupe about woodsmen pressing wildflowers, suspenders, and a bra. I guess nothing is sacred anymore.

On the flip side, however, I’ve seen the fall line of ballet slippers and jazz-shoes from Bloch and they are pretty amazing.

As you know, I love shiny pretty things and oh boy! Perhaps, gentlemen you might want to purchase a pair for your significant other and hold your own SYTYCD evening. A word of warning though about tutus: Generally they are fastened with fifty or so hooks and eye closures that can result in a broken finger if the bodice isn’t closed properly when spinning your partner. Trust me on that one! Anyway, back to school.

The question is: What does one wear to the rest of the classes? I’ll be doing an anatomy class so should I wear one of those skeleton hoodies? Da hipz bonz connected to the Louis Vuitton bonz…

Maybe a powdered wig and lace cuffs for the ballet music class?

Chances are I don’t want to push the dress code again. I was in constant trouble with the administration back in the day for dress code violations.

But I would like to have the option of the uniform again. Lord-a-mercy, it made my mornings so much easier. “Hmm, shall I wear a white shirt again? Why, yes.” Simple is so lovely.

In truth, I’m thinking of a little ’70s revival, faded boot cut jeans, Frye boots and a brown cord Levi’s jacket. And if anyone knows where I can pick up a pairs of clogs, I’ll buy you a cup ‘o joe.  It might be a little WKRP in Cincinnati, but it has a rugged urban woodsmen feel—really Canadian. And, as we all know, there’s nothing more Canadian than a guy in tights, eh?!

Awww! Marq (left) with classmates in 1993.

2 thoughts on “THE BOULEVARDIER:…And we’re back

  1. Love your piece Marq (and the photo!)…I can’t stand seeing “ladies” walking around in ballet slippers either, but we must just be jaded and overdosed…between you and me, I still have trouble wearing that “freeds” pink color!

  2. Loved this piece. Coming from a background where it was uniforms from kindergarden, soon as I got to wear what i wanted in Uni,..I took to it like a duck to water. Of course I did go to Uni in the early 90′s so it was mostly a grunge flannel duck to water kinda thing

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