THE IT: Sasha Grey at the Drake

Story by Caitlin Agnew. Photography by Jen Arron.

Last week, I stayed up way past my bedtime to catch Sasha Grey‘s DJ set at the Drake Hotel. While I knew of Sasha from her starring role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, she’s known to most people through her work in adult entertainment—that, and her racy American Apparel ads. I couldn’t help but wonder: What exactly does one wear to see a DJ set by someone known for not wearing anything at all?

After making my way past the inscrutable security outside, I saw Keanu Reeves checking in with the concierge in the lobby. Is he a secret Sasha fan?  Thanks to my press pass, I was kept in the VIP section, far away from her many, many male fans. I was very grateful.

The room was tense with anticipation for Sasha’s arrival and, when she finally made it in after 2:30 a.m. she couldn’t have been more delightful.

To start with, she’s gorgeous in person. And it was obvious that she really loves music. While that was a nice surprise, Sasha’s eclectic set was also, in some ways, a waste—most guests were more interested in getting a shot of her on their BlackBerrys than dancing to Bauhaus.  After opening with the Beastie Boys’s “Boomin’ Granny,” Sasha played anthems and little-known gems by the likes of Blondie, James Brown, New Order, and Death from Above 1979.

Celebrity DJs are always hit or miss, but Sasha Grey is the real thing.

Below, more snaps from inside the Drake.

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2 thoughts on “THE IT: Sasha Grey at the Drake

  1. Pretty awesome – I love the idea of celebrity DJs even though the execution is usually just so-so.

    In Sasha Grey’s case, however, the sheer volume of indelibly, deliciously obscene [and entertaining, and sexy] imagery in her video /canon/ would make it extremely difficult for me to even hear whatever music she happens to be throwing down. As to her abilities with a pair of 1200′s, given her past performance in films where her co-stars are machines themselves (she’s the original steam-punk porno heroine!) I think she would be quite adept at making the wheels of steel do her bidding…

  2. I am great fan of Sasha, I am glad to see her at the DJ stage. She looks really good, in her regular pictures than her adult movies…. Love your style sasha being DJ,,, luv you bie..

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