THE BOULEVARDIER: Designer server style at TIFF

Staff at Spice Route, outfitted by Joeffer Caoc. Story by Marq Frerichs. Photography by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

It’s not just the red carpet that was all designer at TIFF 2010. If you looked behind the paparazzi, the handlers, the hangers-on and of course that guy or gal in the sunglasses, who doesn’t do anything but be “the person in the sunglasses, even though it’s 3:30 in the morning” person…. I digress. I hope you got a look at what your server was wearing. Chances are, it was designer.

Joeffer Caoc outfitted the crew at Spice Route in Asian-inspired elegance. I particularly loved the “Nehru” collar on the men’s shirt, and did you notice the “Obi”-style pouches in Fall 2010′s burnt orange?

Over at Ciao Wine Bar, the staff sported George, Wal-Mart’s venture into the hipper realm. I was quite thrilled with the simple form-fitting black dress and Mondrian-inspired scarf.

Next door and four floors up, at the ET Canada Lounge the bar staff wore simple Guess tube tops. At the Stella Artois tap, I was a little disappointed. Really—just a logo on a T-shirt? After all the great commercials we’ve seen, I would have thought Stella might have upped the ante.

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