THE IT: Holt Renfrew’s True Patriot Love

The culmination of the Holt Renfrew Spring 2011 runway presentation at LG Fashion Week. Photography courtesy of George Pimentel.

Fashion Week kicked off in high style this season with a special runway presentation organized by Holt Renfrew and featuring some of the hottest names in Canadian fashion: Jeremy Laing, Smythe, Pink Tartan, Line Runway, Denis Gagnon, Lida Baday, Wayne Clark, Wings and Horns, and Mikahel Kale. (I know, right?!)

The design talent on display was impressive enough, but equally remarkable was how smoothly it all went down. The FDCC’s Robin Kay and Coco Rocha gave brief yet warm opening remarks, then an introductory video inspired by Diana Vreeland ended by suggesting that “Magenta is the navy blue of Canada” (in homage to the legendary editor’s quip “Pink is the navy blue of India”). Then it was on with the show!

The Style Notebook talked to Jennifer Daubney, lovely girl-about-town and the communications manager at Holt Renfrew, who helmed the runway presentation.

What was the biggest challenge in organizing a show of this magnitude? What surprised you the most about the process?

“I’ve been working on our Holt Renfrew presentations for LG Fashion Week for a few seasons now but this was the first time that we hosted our kick-off event outside of the store. It was definitely a challenging project to take on but a very exciting experience. We hired a great show producer, Paola Fullerton, who along with her assistant Jenn Plommer worked on the casting and coordination. It was a huge job—nine designers and 45 models!

Our marketing, buying, fashion office and store teams at Holts all came together to pull off the whole show and John Gerhardt, our creative director commissioned an amazing Toronto artist, Eva Michon to create our opening video which was brilliant! There is a lot of work that goes into a fashion show from seating, to technical, to casting, to music. My hat goes off to the FDCC who create a great experience for the audience all week long.”

I loved the music choices for each designer. How did you go about creating the playlist?

“Thank you! Kym de la Roche, our creative production manager at Holts came up with the playlist and we worked together to choose a song for each designer. We wanted to reflect the personalities of the designers and their collections with each song.”

All of the collections were very strong, but did you have a favourite piece from the entire show?

“I loved so many but, for me for spring, some of my favourites were Jeremy’s dresses, especially with the cutouts, Smythe’s adorable jackets, Denis Gagnon’s fringed dress, and all of the colour from Pink Tartan!”

Below, more pics from the show!

Jeremy Laing, Spring 2011.

Denis Gagnon, Spring 2011.

Line Runway, Spring 2011.

Wings and Horns, Spring 2011.

Wayne Clark, Spring 2011.

Pink Tartan, Spring 2011.

Smythe, Spring 2011.

Lida Baday, Spring 2011.

Mikhael Kale, Spring 2011.

This Saturday, October 23, Holt Renfrew presents a designer meet-and-greet and Spring 2011 preview of top-tier Canadian design talent: Denis Gagnon, Jeremy Laing, Line Runway, Smythe, Mikhael Kale, Ezra Constantine and Greta Constantine. It on from 2  to 4 p.m., on the 2nd level.

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