THE IT: Operanation VII, tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night is Operanation VII, Cinderella: Rock the Ball. Buy your tickets now!

Story by Marq Frerichs.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of bringing something new/different/cool to the eyes and ears of little ones, you’ll understand what I mean about seeing the lights go on—ping, click, pop, bells and whistles, crack and fireworks going off. Bringing the performing arts to kids is one of those unsung parts of working as a performing artist. Truth is, we complain about school shows just ‘cause everybody likes to complain, just a little. But the truth is that they’re wonderful experiences for both the artist and children.

You may be asking yourself: Why are you telling me this?

Because tomorrow night is Operanation VII, the Canadian Opera Company‘s hotly anticipated gala event, which is raising money for the COC’s children’s outreach programs. And with Monday’s election outcome, the arts and, more importantly, the arts and education of our future citizens have never been more pressing.

Held at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, the gala’s theme is Cinderella. And ladies, this is a ball. A real ball—on par with mice turning into horses, pumpkins into carriages etc. Word on the street is that wedding gowns will be worn. (Which makes so much sense for the young and eligible who will be attending—yes, Cindy, your Prince Charming will be there and he loves great music.)

Local troubadour Clara Venice will be singing new work. And hold onto your Louis XIV wig—Broken Social Scene will be mashing it up with the COC ensemble. This, in my humble opinion, may well be the artistic collaboration of the year.

So buy a ticket, throw on a tux, don a gown, grab an orange legume and summon your Fairy Godmother. (Or take a cab.) If you don’t find your prince or princess—meh. You’ve made a kid’s future richer, and that’s the best kind of happily ever after.

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