THE IT: Alessandra and Lily

Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge, Victoria’s Secret Angels, touched down at the Eaton Centre last week. Story by Caitlin Agnew. Photography by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

Last Thursday marked the opening of Canada’s fourth Victoria’s Secret store and the first in downtown Toronto. Located at the Eaton Centre, the occasion brought two very special visitors to our city: Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge.

When asked if I was interested in meeting with the Angels to chat about Victoria’s Secret, I jumped at the chance—as did my (male) photographer. Who wouldn’t want to check out these mythic creatures in person?  When we arrived for the interview, the door was flanked by two massive security guards.  I wondered if they were hired to protect the models or the $2 million bra on display.

Above, the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra—admittedly a splurge at $2 million.

Alessandra, a 10 year veteran of the company, and Lily, a rookie, were just as gorgeous in person. Healthy, tan, and lean (I thought only Barbie had legs like that), they were as sweet as they were passionate about Victoria’s Secret.

According to Alessandra, the best part of being an Angel is “travelling to the most glamorous places in the world.  They treat us like angels. We’re like a big family.” Her favourite destination? “St. Bart’s. Every year we go and it’s so much fun.”

The Angels also gave me the inside scoop on what it’s like backstage at their famous runway shows: loud music, models dancing, and people yelling, “Watch the wings!  Watch the wings!” while jewellery and diamonds fly all over the place.  “Great for people-watching,” Lily adds, with a laugh.

Both have their favourite VS items. For Alessandra it’s the Miraculous Push-Up Bra which she says, “adds like two cups so you feel pretty powerful.” Lily loves the Starlet Halter Bra, one that’s perfect for hiding under a slinky cocktail dress.

At the end of the interview, the three of us pose for photos together and I try not to look like a frumpy dwarf sandwiched between the two glamazons. After giving Alessandra a quick obrigada, the girls leave, taking their bodyguards with them and confirming my hunch: You can put a $2 million value on a bra, but the angels themselves? Priceless.

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