SOME LOOKS WE LIKED: At The Society’s ’40s NY fete

Magritte-inspired partygoer Maarla Veld.

Story by Sara Graham. Photography courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency.

Last Thursday, The Society NYC hosted a perfectly proper affair (in a West Village mansion, no less) to celebrate the release of Lesley M.M. Blume‘s book Let’s Bring Back.

As part of The Society’s Literary Salon Series, ladies and gents slipped into 1940s attire to pay homage to those madcap mid-century fêtes thrown by heiress and art collector Peggy Guggenheim, and attended by her wild contemporaries in the modern art movement.

The private home’s awe-inspiring modern art collection further inspired this Surrealist soiree that was set to a booming soundtrack of big band records. Zacapa Rum made sure all guests had a classic cocktail in hand as they enjoyed creative canapés inspired by Dada and Surrealist works of art…with a little Beat poetry on the side, of course.

Below, Annie Evans and author Leslie M.M. Blume.

Bethany Haines and Ken Howery.

Daniella Kamiliotis and Dora Militaru.

Cator Sparks.

Teri Levin and Nina Campbell.

Teri’s shoes.

Amanda Blakley and Ashleigh Dempster, co-founders of The Society.

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