LAURA deCARUFEL, Editor-In-Chief

Laura has worked in fashion journalism for six years, since she moved to Toronto from Ottawa. Most recently, she was the senior editor of ELLE Canada, where she is still a contributing editor. She has also worked at FASHION and The Look. Some of her current favourite fashionable things include: floral dresses with cap sleeves, berry-coloured lipstick, LOVE Magazine, Joni Mitchell in The Last Waltz, the letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Coronation Street.

CAITLIN AGNEW, The Buy columnist

Caitlin Agnew moved to Toronto from Sudbury to study German Literature at the University of Toronto. Five years and two degrees later, she decided to stay in the big city, if only for the shopping. Caitlin loves writing The Buy because it quells her urge for pretty new clothes without damaging her wallet (too much).

EMILY BLAKE, The Invitation columnist

Emily Blake, a native of Victoria, British Columbia, moved to Toronto to attend OCAD. Post-art school, Emily entered the world of editorial fashion, interning at FASHION Magazine. Transitioning into fashion styling and writing, Emily’s freelance work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, ELLE Canada, Argyle and Filler Magazine. Her love of fashion began in the deep recesses of her mother’s wardrobe, and abides today in the loft that often seems to operate as one large, messy closet.


Natalie Castellino is a photographer. Always has been. She still shoots medium format film and loves printing in the darkroom. Natalie started taking photos when her dad showed her all his Pentax gear and other random photography equipment. She still has all of it and now he wants it back.

CLEO, Illustrator

Cleo loves to illustrate. Lucky for her, she has been the pencil behind a few gorgeous international fashion and lifestyle brands. The daughter of a local sculptress, Cleo has traveled many places, but always lived in Toronto.

MARQ FREHRICHS, The Boulevardier columnist

Marq Frerichs, a professional dancer and stylist, has been dressing well since grade school. He was the freelance stylist at the Globe and Mail for two years. He believes that men’s style is something lived, not worn.


Ayalah Hutchins has been drawing stylish outfits for as long as she can remember. Her interest in fashion extends to creating her own clothing and designing textiles. She has also worked as a medical and scientific illustrator (and she created our logo).

ANNE PRINGLE, Editorial Assistant

Torontonian Anne Pringle recently moved back to her native city after finishing a degree in Philosophy and English at McGill University. She made her writing segue from Plato to prêt-à-porter as an editorial intern for ELLE Canada last year, but her fascination with style began long before as a childhood obsession with dress-up. Living in trend-setting Montreal fed this fascination, providing a constant source inspiration in both culture and couture.

The Style Notebook is a publication of INK TRUCK MEDIA.

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