Meet Grace Carroll, a Toronto fashion writer, who moved to London to “conquer the fashion world” and live with her rock star boyfriend. She’s smart, super stylish, and just a bit cheeky. We love her. You will too.

My younger brother, Jackson, has popped in to visit me in the big smoke for a week (or two, as he slyly mentions upon arrival) in the midst of his month-long summer Euro tour. I’m his second, earlier-than-expected stop after a romantic rendezvous in Paris with his long-distance lover went sour. In a bid to help him forget about his first nasty break-up, I do what any good older sister would do: ply him with alcohol, feed him vast amounts of artery-clogging foods, and promise him that he will soon stumble upon a dapper Englishman who will sweep him off his feet.

Recovering from the previous night’s arrival/forget-him celebration, Jackson and I warily gather ourselves mid-day to head into east London for a late lunch. Attempting to impress him with my-so-called “Fashionable London Life” we pop into 11 Boundary Boutique in Shoreditch, where I kiss-kiss with the shop girl (my friend Dana) before whisking him away to experience my favourite meal in the city.

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