Grace Carroll, a regular contributor to The Style Notebook, is a Toronto fashion writer who moved to London to “conquer the fashion world” and live with her rock star BF.

My flat has become the crash pad of choice for friends and family making pit stops in London-town this summer. Just days after my brother finally packed up and headed to Florence, my dear friend Brian Cleaver shows up on my doorstep.

A Toronto native who is now a full-time New Yorker, Brian is an exciting young photographer who glamorously crossed the pond for the weekend to celebrate his friend’s Marie Antoinette-themed B-day bash in Kent. As the spectacular soiree is not until Saturday night, I’ve got exactly one day to play host and show him a good time in the big smoke.

Brian meets me after work in Shoreditch and I drag him along to my meeting at Blackall Studios, a great gallery space just a couple of blocks away. Angel McKenzie, a former reality TV Big Brother star, is inside taking down her artworks that had been on display over the past week.

I was familiar with her show, thanks to the personal tour she gave me during the opening the weekend before. “It’s all about nudes, nudity and for me it’s what the future will look like—we’re all going to walk naked because of heat (…) and global warming” she tells me. With her use of bright colours and use of neon fur trim to frame her canvases, I find her work quite humorous although it’s hard to tell if that’s the intended reaction.

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