THE SURVEY: What’s your favourite summer song, ever?

The Style Notebook asked stylish people around the city which song immediately reminds them of summer. Check back for new answers all week.

“‘The Boys of Summer‘ by Don Henley. Maybe it’s because Justin Bieber will not go away, but I’m more into ’80s music lately than anything on the radio. (My not-so-secret obsession:’s ’80s station.) This song makes you a little nostalgic—it reminds me of summer romances gone by! But on a fashion note, I’m liking the Ray-Ban Wayfarers namecheck, especially since I just acquired a pair this year. And the ‘hair slicked back’—very on trend this season!”

—Michelle Villett, founder,

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Meet Kristen Ma, one of the top estheticians in the city, whose list of beauty insider credentials is as long as the ingredient lists on most shampoo bottles. An overview: Kristen is an ayurvedic practitioner, the co-owner (with mom, Jean) of Pure + Simple spas, and the author of both Beauty: Pure + Simple (McArthur & Co) and the blog Holistic Vanity. She’s also fun and forthright on the subject of skin care, having struggled with acne in the past. (“You’d be surprised how enlightening being a personal guinea pig for a plethora of products and treatments can be!”)

In this new section (a partnership between The Style Notebook and Michelle Villett’s, Kristen answers our in-depth “Beauty Insider” questionnaire. Read on for Kristen’s beauty icon, biggest beauty fail and her top five must-have beauty products.

Beauty bargain

“Accessory items like exfoliants, which are not on your skin for long. Or just use something in your kitchen like baking soda.”

Beauty splurge

“You need to splurge on a good moisturizer. It’s what feeds your skin as well as your protective barrier. It’s on your skin all-day, so you want something of quality.”

Weird beauty habit

“[Laughing] I actually used Shatavari Ghee on my chest at night for bust firming. It’s clarified butter that has been infused with rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs. It really works—and, while it’s embarrassing to admit it—I swear by the stuff. You just have to get over smelling like a snack bar at the movie theatre.”

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