TIFF SPECIAL: Cheryl Hickey’s festival fashion tips

ET Canada‘s Cheryl Hickey and Rick Campanelli. Photo courtesy of Central Image Agency.

Story by Kyra Kendall.

For the 11 days of the Toronto International Film Festival, Cheryl Hickey’s job is to make both her style and her celeb interviews look effortless. The Style Notebook caught up with Cheryl on the red carpet, and quizzed the popular TV personality on her favourite festival designers and how quickly she can get changed in a limo. (Hint: It’s impressive.)

When do you start planning your TIFF outfits?

“I start thinking about looks I might want to try about two weeks before the festival. The process is ongoing from that point—making revisions/edits right up to the last minute. The last-minute changes are not because of what I see other people wearing at the festival—they’re more reflective of what mood I’m in, what the weather is like. You know, every party girl’s considerations!”

How many outfits do you need for the festival?

“I need two or three outfits for each day. I need casual “movie screening looks” (likely sweaters and jeans because those theatres are FREEZING), smart casual outfits for interviews, and finally, party dresses for the evenings. It makes for a lot of outfit changes in a day, but that element of glamour is what the festival calls for.”

Which designers do you prefer to wear during TIFF?

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