THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

My, what big eyes you have… Story by Anne Pringle.

Eye sore
Lady Gaga has been credited with starting some strange trends, but few that can be considered dangerous. The huge anime-style eyes she sported in her “Bad Romance” video were likely computer generated, but have sparked an increase in demand for “circle lenses”: coloured contacts that make eyes appear larger because they cover not just the iris (as normal lenses do), but part of the whites of the eyes as well. These contacts are selling like hotcakes on the net, but beware—consumers risk significant eye injuries and potentially even blindness! (On the plus side, you’d never have to see “Alejandro” again….) (NY Times)

Skin care revolution
At-home skin care is constantly evolving—we already have anti-aging creams that mimic the effects of Botox and snake venom—and now we can add ones that produce similar results to laser treatments. The Laser A-Peel system, created by star dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, combines active ingredients like glycolic and lactic acids with green and white teas, grape seed extract and antioxidants. According to Brandt, about half of all skin concerns can be addressed with laser treatments (or laser-mimicking ones). (WWD)

Couture call
Haute Couture Fashion Week began yesterday, around the same time that numbers came in showing positive sales in the couture department. Chanel, Dior and Gaultier all revealed notable increases in both sales and demand. The reason? An influx of orders from China, the Middle East and Russia. That, combined with the fact that couture has no season, and those who buy it do so (and can afford to) year-round. (Vogue UK)