THE BITE: An amuse bouche of fashion news

Crystal Renn’s proudest modelling moment. Story by Anne Pringle.

Crystal + Chanel
Crystal Renn is back in the spotlight—and not for being “plus-size”, or losing weight, or being subject to massive photo retouching (remember the Passion For Fashion photos?). She stars in Chanel’s newest campaign for the reopening of the brand’s SoHo store. The model claimed that “working with Chanel has been my dream forever… this campaign is the proudest moment of my life.” (Fashionista)

Victoria’s Secret Toronto
Limited Brands is the parent company of Victoria’s Secret and our Canadian La Senza—a reason why it was always rumoured that VS had no plans to move to Canada… until now. Our country’s first-ever Victoria’s Secret store will open this Thursday at Yorkdale. Better get in line now… (Toronto Life)

Selfridges scandal
U.K. department store Selfridges will no longer carry Dolce & Gabbana, claiming that they as they are constantly updating the store, they are “unable to accommodate [the brand] going forward”. Word on the street is that Dolce & Gabbana execs were unhappy that the two collection’s locations had been moved within the store. The news doesn’t seem to have put a damper on Selfridges, who will likely have hoards of people coming in to see this week’s exhibition of over 200 Vivienne Westwood shoes. (WWD) and (InStyle)

Material Girl lawsuit
Madonna collaborated with her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes to launch a new clothing line, Material Girl, which has become the subject of a lawsuit due to its name. California clothing company LA Triumph claim that they have been selling “similar clothes in similar retail outlets at similar price points under the Material Girl brand since 1997.” LA Triumph may be fighting an uphill battle—after all, Madonna did coin the phrase in the 1985 song. (Vogue UK)

THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

A disappearing Crystal Renn in the now-infamous Passion for Fashion ad. Story by Anne Pringle.

Weight fake
There has been much speculation about Crystal Renn’s possible weight loss circulating on the web, largely due to photos of her wearing the Fashion for Passion charity T-shirt (above), in which she looked very thin. The plus-size model has now revealed that the photos were likely heavily retouched, and that she was shocked when she saw the pictures. She claimed “everybody retouches, but don’t make me into something I’m not.” And that’s why we love her. (NY Mag)

Bananas for Mad Men
Banana Republic is teaming up with AMC’s television series Mad Men for the second year in a row, for the “Mad About Style” campaign. The ads will launch next week, and will feature images of the Emmy-award winning actors with classic looks from the retailer. To learn more about the campaign, check out the video blogs created by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and BR creative director Simon Keen on both AMC’s website and BR’s Facebook page. (WWD)

Dorchester design
The Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize has been narrowed down to the semifinalists, by a veteran panel of judges including Giles Deacon, Daphne Guiness and Manolo Blahnik. The semifinalists include promising up-and-coming design talents such as Chau Har Lee, Hermoine de Paula and Thomas Tait. Just how promising are these emerging designers? Blahnik claimed that Tait was able to create “things that I’ve never seen before, so very rare. I loved it.” The winner will be announced in November. (WWD)

Moschino model
Despite the unfortunate (and unnecessary) retouching Crystal Renn experienced, it does seem like curves are coming back—which has been great news for the slightly more curvaceous Victoria’s Secret models, several of whom have been booked for high-fashion runways this season. This includes the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, who recently walked Prada, Giles and Louis Vuitton, and has now landed the Moschino campaign, styled by Anna Dello Russo, the fashion director at Japanese Vogue. (NY Mag)

Hot wheels
Victoria Beckham isn’t the only designer venturing into creation for the auto industry: Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole have collaborated with Mini to create three new car designs for charity. DVF’s design is covered with lips in pinks, reds, oranges and yellows, Calvin Klein’s is (not surprisingly) more minimalistic in charcoal grey, and Kenneth Cole’s convertible design is covered in silver studding, inside and out. (Vogue UK)

THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Crystal Renn (centre) and friends for Gaultier Fall 2010. Story by Anne Pringle.

Leaked campaign
The Fall 2010 ad campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier was leaked on the web yesterday, revealing a refreshingly diverse group of facess: plus-size model Crystal Renn, Chinese model Ping Hue and French model Kelly Moirera. The pictures are stunning, but they may reintroduce questions about Renn’s possible weight loss or photo retouching that may have taken place. (NY Mag)

Unconventional ad
Tommy Hilfiger has released a new campaign featuring a dysfunctional family named “The Ultimate Tailgate.” The scenes feature a mother and father with cocktails in hand, a son who was kicked out of boarding school, and a foreign exchange student (among others). Customers can even follow the escapades of the family online on Facebook and Twitter. Guess Lacoste isn’t the only one reaching out to a younger audience. (WWD)

The scent of Gaga
The eclectic Lady Gaga may be further broadening her spectrum—not only with her line of hats with Philip Treacy—but with her own fragrance. Rumour has it that she will be partnering with Coty on the production. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! (Fashionista)

THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Fashion fan Daphne Guinness in a new beauty collab. Story by Anne Pringle.

Famous face
Irish heiress and fashion aficionado Daphne Guinness has signed on to star in the NARS Fall 2010 makeup campaign. Guinness and François Nars are longtime friends and have collaborated artistically before: on a photography project last fall. The makeup line will feature a royal purple eye shadow named for Guinness. It all kicks off July 15 at (WWD)

Couture clutch
Oscar de la Renta has joined Louis Vuitton and Gucci by jumping on the high-tech design wagon: The brand  just released its own line of iPad cases. The limited edition iPad clutches are now available in red, white, yellow and grey at (WWD)

Posh drive
Victoria Beckham has made a few attempts to produce her own designs, with mostly lukewarm responses. Maybe luxury items will be more her forte (she of all people knows luxury). Beckham was just named a creative design executive at Range Rover, with her first project being a special edition Range Rover Evoque model. Seems celeb status is all you need for a design permit in… just about anything. (WWD)

New direction
Massimiliano Giornetti has been appointed the new creative director of all fields at Salvatore Ferragamo, where he has worked for 10 years. Giornetti recently told British Vogue that felt like he grew up in the company, as he began as an assistant to the knitwear designer in menswear, and ended up as director of menswear. Sounds like the right person for the job. (Vogue UK)

PLUS: After photos surface of curvy model Crystal Renn looking “shocking svelte,” Renn’s agent tells Fashionisa that she is “still a size 10.” Check out the photos—what do you think? (Fashionista)