FASHION WEEK: Thumbs down

Overall, The Style Notebook team thoroughly enjoyed Fashion Week. The collections were strong and the crowd was fun. (Read our thumbs up here.) But we didn’t love everything…


What sly mind first put forth the idea that Barbie is a style icon? An icon of childhood, sure, of feminist ire, absolutely, but of fashion? It isn’t just the Toronto scene who has fallen under Barbie’s perfectly proportioned spell—last year to celebrate her 50th anniversary, 50 American designers (Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg among them) created outfits inspired by her singular influence. This season at the Toronto shows, in addition to a (good) collection inspired by Barbie and created by David Dixon, there was an eight-foot-tall, hot pink box in which you could pose as if you were Barbie herself. And people did.



We love technology (we are on the interwebs after all) but just because everyone has a rad digital camera and a blog does not make it cool for audience members to be flashing away at their favourite looks. It’s distracting and likely a pain for the photographers in the pit. A little etiquette s’il vous plait—we may be at the Ex but Fashion Week is not a carnival.


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Joannie Rochette as the finale model at the Attitude by Sears show. The initial glow of Olympic medal glory may have dimmed, but Joannie’s courage and grace (the latter of which was in ample evidence on the catwalk) have a permanent resonance. And how many elite athletes could wear those gloves with such conviction?



Comrags, with its combination of music, styling and fantastic model casting. For me, Comrags’s attention to detail and craft outshone all the other collections.



Megan Loach. As the communications coordinator of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, Megan had to answer a question (or seven) from almost everyone. But she didn’t let the stress show—every time I saw her, she was calm, authoritative and beautifully pulled together.


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FASHION WEEK HAIKUS: Poetry in motion

The Style Notebook asked writer Marilisa Racco to compose haikus inspired by her five favourite fashion shows at LG Fashion Week. Illustrator Cleo Kendall made them look as pretty as they sound.


Shapeless chic in gray
I’ll wear my cardi backwards
Get me those boots, please

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