THE INVITATION: At the Innovators Ball

Suzanne Boyd, editor-in-chief of Zoomer, at the Innovators Ball. Story by Emily Blake.

Little girls know that there are certain parties that are better than the rest. They are anointed with the magic name – a ball – and that name gives them a glamour and intrigue that no other mere fete can match. This year, the annual Innovator’s Ball had that special ingredient, and the added bonus of “magic” itself as a theme. As the Ontario Science Centre currently plays host to the Harry Potter Exhibit, all those who wish they got an entrance letter to Hogwarts bought a ticket and booked a car service for the evening.

My evening began at a pre-coif at Amber in Yorkville hosted by the effortless hostesses of The Society, along with Hello! Canada and Siren Communications. Tropical hued martinis were passed, lashes applied by the gals from Gee Beauty and all the girls and their nattily dressed dates piled into the Vextini photo booth for pre-party glamour shots (the photo slips were also rumoured to grant line-skipping access to Amber’s notoriously impossible to get into post-Innovator’s party).

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FASHION WEEK: Titian nation

One of our favourite male models from the shows, seen here at Joe Fresh. All photography by Natalie Castellino.

It began before LG Fashion Week officially opened its doors. On the LINE Knitwear runway I noticed two models with red hair. “Gingers!” I thought to myself, “Now that’s different.” Now that the last show has been seen, the red tide on the runways can officially be classified as one of the most notable trends of the week.

Red hair tends to get a reaction. It has both negative connotations (see: Anne of Green Gables or…Britain) and sexy ones (Cheryl of Archie comic fame), and this week it was nothing if not versatile.

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