FASHION WEEK HAIKUS: Poetry in motion

The Style Notebook asked writer Marilisa Racco to compose haikus inspired by her five favourite fashion shows at LG Fashion Week. Illustrator Cleo Kendall made them look as pretty as they sound.


Shapeless chic in gray
I’ll wear my cardi backwards
Get me those boots, please

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STYLE MAP: Oz Studio

A stylish crowd at the opening of Oz Studio on Ossington

All photography by Natalie Castellino.

OZ STUDIO (134 Ossington Avenue, 416-537-6379).

At a recent media cocktail to celebrate the opening of Oz, his studio-cum-boutique, Evan Biddell was voluble and relaxed as writers and editors sipped mimosas, admired the spring collection, and took notes on their BlackBerries. Star stylist Peter Papapetrou adjusted the outfits worn by up-and-coming model Dajana, as photographer and Oz co-owner Joe Fuda snapped photos, sometimes lying on the floor to get the best shot.

Later that night, a bartender from next-door tequila bar Reposado mixed up something a little stronger, while Evan’s friend, a musician, played first the harp, and then a crazy looking electronic music box she had brought back from Japan. She was sweet, self-deprecating, and talented. Everyone loved it.

A couple of days later, the Style Notebook talked to Evan.

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