TALK TO ME: Sarah Nicole Prickett, part II

Illustration by Ayalah Hutchins.

This is the second part of our conversation with fashion writer Sarah Nicole Prickett. You can read the first part here.

You’re known for your personal style. Have you always liked getting dressed? When did you first realize that you had a look?

“Always liked getting dressed. Not always good at it! In my seventeenth summer, I was at a Christian youth conference in Michigan—you heard me—and as part of some game, we had to divide into groups and choose the best-dressed from each. I won in my group. I was wearing a red-and-pink-striped shirt, red backless sneakers, and a red visor.”

What are the inspirations for your current look?

“My style is all about what I wasn’t in the ’90s: grungy, sexy, cool, platform-heeled, blonde, etc. I heart the teen movie wardrobes of that decade. But I’m growing up, and so, returning to prepster obsessions: stripes, pleats, a trench as a dress, a white shirt as a dress, a cardigan as a dress… I’ll wear anything as a dress.”

Does the term It girl make you smile? Or…

“Smirk? Look, if I were living in New York, I’d be one of a thousand girls like me. Only here do I catch hell and attention for having a certain haircut or attitude, or for going to parties and getting up to bitch about them the next day. Shinan Govani, the shrewdest observer, tweeted something about me being an It girl by positioning myself as the anti It Girl. Such adroit positioning. I must have done it in my sleep.”

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TALK TO ME: Sarah Nicole Prickett, part I

Illustration by Ayalah Hutchins.

Sarah Nicole Prickett is a fashion writer—most frequently for EYE WEEKLY and FASHION, and formerly for Torontoistwho gives as good a quote as she gets. She’s as opinionated and complicated as you might expect from a style-conscious rebel who grew up in a born-again Christian home in London, Ont.

Recently, SNP answered The Style Notebook’s “Talk to Me” questionnaire.

Who are your favourite writers, fashion and otherwise?

“Fashion: Lynn Yaeger, Hadley Freeman, Sally Singer, Guy Trebay, Harriet Walker (really, just her ‘In the Cut’ column for AnOther’s blog). Otherwise: Kitty Kelley!! Just kidding. Zadie Smith, Ariel Levy, Joan Didion, David Rakoff, Sloane Crosley. (Note my real love for women writers, beginning with L.M. Montgomery at age 4.5, and never ending. Also note these are all names of the living; the dead are too many!)”

Do you have a favourite fashion memory?

“Yes. Oh—you want to know what it is? OK, so I went to London Fashion Week three seasons ago. I didn’t have a hard invite to Christopher Kane, and I didn’t know if I was on the list, but I went anyway. I wasn’t on the list. If Jasmine from Relative PR is reading this–hi Jasmine, I love you and your Pantene commercial hair. Thanks for winking me in. It was jammed, so I stood on a mezzanine at the back of this cavernous room—the Topshop venue—and watched the show unfold below me. It was the collection all done with velvet ribbons, and it really did unfold, like a flip book of felt-tip artwork. It was dazzlingly methodical, and moving, seriously. I had the kind of moment after which you realize you’ve been holding your breath.”

What inspires you, in the fashion world and beyond?

“Surprises and silences, the two rarest things in any world.”

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