FASHION WEEK: Behind the Scenes

All photographs courtesy of George Pimentel.

When a design duo who have worked together for 10 years—capturing the attention of celebrities from Britney Spears to Rachel McAdams—ask you to execute their first ever fashion show in their hometown, how do you pull it off? That was the challenge facing PR maven Ashley McIntyre who this season was tapped to work with Toronto-born LINE Knitwear designers John Muscat and Jennifer Wells. Continue reading



Interview by Marq Frerichs.

Last week, I called Philip Sparks to congratulate him on his Fall 2010 collection and to ask him a few questions from the Style Notebook questionnaire. I found him affable and funny, a quick wit with his feet planted on the ground. What am I excited about from Sparks? He hinted at a holiday footwear collection…have a read.

What was the first piece you designed in this collection?

“The pea coat.”

How do you know when you’re finished a collection?

“I run out of time and or money. However I’m also working on a ‘holiday’ collection, so fall/winter will come out in two parts.”

What are the top three items on your inspiration board?

“Melville’s Moby Dick, 16th-century maps with sea creatures and Edwardian naval books, and pictures of boats.”

Did you have a muse or person in mind when designing this collection?

“My partner, Andrew, and those I collaborated with in the studio.”

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THE INVITATION: At Greta Constantine

Stylish guests at the Greta Constantine show. All photography by Natalie Castellino.

The Invitation is Emily Blake’s party and events column. She will be drinking champagne (or, in this case, Vitamin Water) in the name of reportage.

A whisper, a buzz, a roar—much like spring, fashion tends to build up into a crescendo. In Toronto, the party got started on March 19 at the Greta Constantine show, more than a week before LG Fashion Week officially kicked off. Like migrating birds, the fashion flock arrived at the Audi dealership on Bayview Avenue, a location far off the usual sartorial path. As one of the first events in Toronto’s multi-week fashion marathon, it seemed as if the entire community made an executive decision to schluff off their winter wraps, trot out the hot new heels, and gather to celebrate designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, who have given the local style scene a much needed shot in the arm.

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